Residents Rally to Rescue Puppy

No one has been able to get close enough to the puppy to tell if it's male or female but we do know the dog is finding food and surviving on its own which is why the little canine is capturing the hearts of dozens of people.

Unfortunately, city animal officials say the public's help could be hindering rescue efforts.

Somewhere down this storm drain is a little dog who has captured the hearts of many wichita falls animal lovers.

"We got a tip that there was a two month old black lab puppy that keeps coming in and out of the storm drain," says Kelly Bryan with Texas Pit Crew Rescue.

This recently snapped picture is one of just a few sightings of the puppy.

Last week, an animal control officer headed out to rescue the pooch, but supervisors say the little dog disappeared.

"We've had an officer go down in the drain and not be able to see the puppy. So, the puppy is probably familiar... there may be another way out. He may be getting out of some other part of the system," says Katrena Mitchell, administrator for Wichita Falls Animal Services Center.

Although the puppy is a stray the dog is not alone.

Volunteers have camped out to watch out for the little guy.

They've also bought chicken and put it the trap left by Animal Control.

However, animal officials say that help could be hurting rescue efforts.

"But when there are people continuing to feed the puppy or scaring the puppy away when there are too many people around then that kind of fights against us," Mitchell explains.

So, the push now is for everyone to work together to get this puppy off the streets and in a loving home.

Earlier today, a worker from Brian's Plumbing had no luck finding the dog after going down the storm drain with a drain camera.

Also, many have wondered why the city has not used its $100,000 sewer camera truck to search for the puppy but Public Works officials say that truck was designed to search for clogs to protect the public's drinking water not search for animals.

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