Responses to Obama's Immigration Policy Change

Congressman Mac Thornberry issued a statement this afternoon saying it's wrong for the president to decide which laws will be enforced.

But we wanted to hear from some of you and found some folks who had opinions on both sides of this immigration issue.

Michael Jaskolski said, "I think it's wrong and I think it's unfair. If his policy says that an illegal immigrant served in the military, that isn't even suppose to be possible. Number two is that all the people that take the step to come here legally, they are getting it thrown back in their faces because you are giving something to someone that broke the law that's just like letting a criminal keep money that he has stolen just because he got home before you caught him."

Rachel Cabrera was in support of the new changes saying, "Regardless as Americans we should be able to live in a free world. And I think for them it is a good opportunity for them to live in a free world as the way we do, ya know, give them the chance the way we had the chance," she said.

But Linda Ludwig disagrees, "Illegal is illegal. So i don't see how you can suddenly make it okay if somebody is here illegally. I think that says it all. And to change it a little bit doesn't make it right, and it doesn't matter how many years they have been here, if they're illegal they're illegal," she said.

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