Restaurant Survival

The restaurant industry is one of the hardest to get started in.

According to statistics from the federal government, two out of three restaurants will close within the first three years they open. But that is only one of the concerns, with more of the new restaurants opening being franchises we wonder if any of the "Mom and Pop's" even have a chance to compete in this tough business.

It would seem as if Wichita Falls restaurant industry is booming, with more and more franchise restaurants opening there doors .But the Small Business Development Center at M.S.U. has concerns, "Wichita falls is not a rapidly growing economic region right now, do we have the work force that can come in and populate those new businesses," said L.O. Nelson, the Assistant Director of S.B.D.C. at M.S.U.

And while many of these new restaurants are one's that we have seen before, like Jersey's Mikes, Jimmy Johns, and El Felix, Nelson says those aren't the restaurants that will be hurting, "The larger corporate owned restaurant have much deeper pockets to draw on," he said, leaving the local "Mom and Pop's" possibly seeing their pockets run empty.

But even if they can survive, can they compete for the employees that more restaurants need?

The server pool is thinning it is getting harder to find good servers," said Vincent Dominguez, the manager of Deli Plant.

And without good service how long can a restaurant survive?

"You can have a good product but if you can't serve it, it makes it really difficult," Dominguez said.

So what will the key to survival be for the small local eateries in the face of all the new options for dinning out?

"Good service, good food, quality, atmosphere, location those will all bare out the sustainability of those restaurants," said Nelson.

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