Restrictions for Pools in Drought

Summertime is the time many people start spending lots of time cooling off in their swimming pools, but are there any plans to restrict this pastime as the city looks to save every possible drop of water?

Currently there are some restrictions when it comes to the maintenance and use of pools, but it's also something the city says is difficult to police.

It's one of the best ways to spend a hot summer day.
"I love it a lot. My sister and I play in the pool a lot, like a lot," said Ava Hill.

"We use it all the time we have supper parties all the time over here with family and friends and we are out here all the time," said Mitchell Hill.

But currently in Wichita Falls' Stage 3: Drought Emergency there are some rules you should know if you own a pool.

Stage 3 requires all water features, such as pool fountains or water falls to be shut off.

If repairing a pool you must only drain the water to the level necessary to make the repair, by following this rule you will be allowed to refill your pool again once the repair is complete.

And if you refill your pool from an irrigation meter you will receive a surcharge.

 After Tuesday's city council meeting additional pool restrictions were not added to Stage 4.

"There are just so many different variables related to pools that the resource commission decided not to place any additional restrictions on pools," said Russell Schreiber, the Wichita Falls Public Works Director.
And though no further measures will be enforced, Hill still decided to drill a well to help maintain his pool level. 

"It was down about 5 inches after two school parties. So we threw the house in from the well and through it back up," he said.

A way to keep summer fun going, without using a drop of the city's shrinking lake water.

Hill says he also plans to use his well water for his plants and is working on a plan to hook up the well to his irrigation system.

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