Reuse Project Should Be Recycling Water in Early July

- After the city got the emergency water reuse project approved Friday,  Wichita Falls residents are one step closer to drinking recycled water.

Wichita Falls water users are now a few weeks away from drinking water that gets flushed and washed down the drain.

But before that water can get into the system a few adjustment at the Cypress Water Treatment plant need to be made.

“We're in the process now of reconnecting the water plant to the system, obviously we had to isolate it while we do all the testing,” says WF Public Works Director Russell Schreiber.

Once it's all hooked up it's only approved to run for 6 months, before some additional changes need to be made including another level of treatment using an ultra violet process.

“Such as UV disinfection, I can tell you that we are already investigating that process, if we decided to go longer than 6 months, we'll be in a position to add that if we have to,” says Schreiber.

Shreiber says they hope to be able to on run the reuse project past the 6 months and hope to have it saving water until the permanent reuse project is up and running in a few years.

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