Rick Hardcastle Still Negotiating to Manage Vernon BDC

It's been more than a year since the director of the Vernon Business Development Corporation resigned.
Former Texas state representative Rick Hardcastle has been in talks for the position for several months.
Mechell Dixon spoke with him earlier today to find out if they are close to a decision.

No announcement is scheduled but another board meeting is set this week.
Negotiations started in November for Rick Hardcastle to manage the Business Development Corporation of Vernon, but after three months but after three months of talks they continue, possibly because of Hardcastle's current schedule.

In 2012, Rick Hardcastle retired from the Texas House of Representatives but he says he did not retire from work.

"I'm in the consulting business.  I do a good bit of lobby work," says Hardcastle.

But Hardcastle is looking to add to his duties by heading up the Vernon Business Development Corporation.

"I did economic development work with the extension service when I was in business here 35 years ago so it's something that's always intrigued me.  I think the BDC's in a unique spot that what they need right now may fit what I have to offer," Hardcastle explains.

What Hardcastle has to offer is more than a decade as a state lawmaker and experience in agriculture.
And although he is a Vernon native, Hardcastle still spends a lot of time in Austin as a lobbyist.
When asked if that could impact his signing the dotted line as the manager of the BDC he said this.

"It needs a person.  It needs management but I don't necessarily think at this point in the life of Business Development Corporation that it necessarily needs a full time person," says Hardcastle.

Again, the BDC meets later this week.
Hardcastle hopes to make a presentation to the board and work out an arrangement to manage the BDC while also continuing his work as a lobbyist.

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