Rider Students Give Thanks to Firefighters

- Members of Rider High School's Student Council say they were just toddlers when terrorists attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

And even though they might not have been able to comprehend what was going on then, they say they've learned the importance of that day, which is why they wanted to say thank you.

Twelve years later and we still remember.

And that's brought Rider High School's Student Council to Fire Station 6 to offer a sweet thank you.

“People like to think of heroes in capes but they are the real heroes, but they are the people that go in there with their heavy suits and their gear and the courage that they have, and that's who are heroes are,” said Dane Case.

“They made a really selfless sacrifice to put peoples lives in front of their own. It was a selfless dedication just not then but everyday, that makes me want to appreciate them and show them that there are people that appreciate what they do,” said Michelle Ingle.

Showing their gratitude with dozens of baked goods which quickly filled up the stations dining table.

The only thing missing were the firefighters, who had to leave minutes before the students arrived for a call, because as students say their job never stops.

“Firefighters they are on the clock 24-7, and they are watching out for our safety and they are putting their life on the line and they are always on guard,” said Ingle.

And though it may not have been the firefighters at this station working in New York 12 years ago,  students say they, like first responders and police officers everywhere, are risking their lives to protect and serve.

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