Ringtail Cat Recuperating at W.F. Wildlife Shelter

There's a member of the raccoon family that is native to this area but you may not have seen roaming around.
And one of those cats is now recuperating at a local wildlife shelter.
On Friday, a ring tailed cat arrived at the Kemp Wildlife and Rehabilitation and Release.
Kemp release officials say the cat was chased off the property of a local burger restaurant and burned its paws on the motor of a parked car.
The cat is now healing at Kemp Wildlife and Rehab Release.
And while it was called in to animal control as a cross between a squirrel and raccoon, officials say the ring tailed cat is actually native to this area.

"They're not an animal that anyone sees a lot. They're usually nocturnal. So, they're usually out and about when most of us are sleeping and that's when they are the most active," says Katrena Mitchell, administrator of the Wichita Falls Animal Services Center.

Kemp Release officials say they've had calls about adopting the cat but say it is a wild animal and will be released back into the wild once it's paws heal.

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