Rising Gas Prices Affect Wichita Falls Businesses

Gjoni Suchi is the owner of Mia's Italian Restaurant in Wichita Falls, where deliveries account for 20 to 30 percent of business each week.
He says his bottom line has been affected by higher prices at the pump.
"I am having a hard time trying to find a [delivery] driver because they want it to include gas and deliveries [in their pay], but I really cannot afford to do that."
But for those whose bottom line is helping others, like Meals on Wheels volunteers, they say the extra pennies they pay for gas are worth it.
Cory Glassburn, who voluntarily delivers meals each week, says, "It's really a small investment for such a great cause.  For us, we haven't really seen a big change in anything."
Shelly Agee, also a Meals on Wheels volunteer deliverer, says, "You think about the people you're delivering to and they're home-bound, so you just want to get out there and help deliver."
Others, like Aerial Thane, owner of TGS Cupcakery in Wichita Falls, are getting creative in the ways they trim costs to up their profit.
And that's helping Seymour, Munday, and Haskell residents get a sweet treat at no extra charge.
"I am going home for the weekend, so I decided to do free delivery to some of the towns on the way to Haskell where I will be seeing my family," Thane says.
But as for Suchi, he'll continue squeezing in deliveries himself between baking and boxing up pizzas so he can remain profitable.
Don't let high gas prices break your bank.
Remember, you can always find the cheapest gas in your area with the click of a mouse.
Click our website's "community tag" to get to the Gas Buddy link.

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