Rival Schools "Band" Together

It's the final week of the regular high school football season.

And that means The annual Rider, Old High rivalry game takes place tonight at Memorial Stadium.

It creates lots of spirit throughout the city as people proudly wear their colors.

But no matter which team wins or loses everyone can agree They'll all be cheering for 15- year old Ashtyn Shaw.

The excitement is evident.

On both sides of town kids at Rider and Old High are getting pumped up for tonight's game.

And while both teams are hoping for different outcomes.

There is one thing they all can agree upon.

Cheering on old high band drummer Ashtyn Shaw.

"Whenever I thought about having cancer, like before I thought if something like that happened to me I wouldn't know what to do, I thought it would be absolutely horrible and I guess it is but it's not totally bad," said Ashtyn.

She was diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin's Lymphoma in September.

And though her life has turned upside down, she's managing to see the brighter side.

"Like you can make such an impact on little things you say or little actions so it's kind of a blessing to be able to inspire people like that," she continued.

Inspiring people, like her mother Connie.

"It's amazes me that the parents are suppose to be the teachers and now it's turned and she is teaching us how to not sweat the small stuff," said Connie.

Stuff like tonight's big rivalry game which she is eager to attend.

With a pre-game ceremony featuring both old high and rider bands playing all for her.

"For them to just gather around me at this time it means a lot because it makes me think that they haven't forgotten about me and they still care a lot about me," Ashtyn said.

A girl considered a definite winner no matter what team you're cheering for.

The bands will be playing the "National Anthem" and "You'll Never Walk Alone" to show their support before the battle between the two high schools begin .

And to show your support you can donate to their American National Bank account "Cash for Ash" set up to help pay for medical bills or purchase a purple bracelet for just $2.

Just call Kelly Smith at the bank for more information at 397-2422.

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