Rogers Responds to Governor's Education Initiatives

    Governor Rick Perry is issuing several challenges to Texas colleges and universities.
    One thing he'd like to see: students pay the same amount all four years they're in college.
    It's something students say would be very helpful.
    Kimberly Moore, a senior MSU student, says, "We have a budget, a monthly budget, so implementing my tuition into that and knowing a set amount would be great."
    Midwestern State University's president says inflation could get in the way of making the governor's wish come true.
    Dr. Jesse Rogers says, MSU president, says, "If we did not hire another professor, if we didn't add another program, if we didn't have another state, the cost of operating this university is going to go up $1 million to $1.5 million a year."
    Dr. Rogers says if the university can't keep tuition at a constant amount, officials will continue to hold it as low as they can.
    He added that it would be nice if the state promised colleges and universities a certain amount of funding so school boards could budget precisely.
    "We have instability from the state, they're asking for stability from us.  I would just ask that we go both ways with it," Dr. Rogers says.
    Another request from the governor, offering a $10 thousand bachelor's degree program, books and all.
    "I have one income in my home right now, and that's my husband's.  I go to school full time, and it would be great to only have $10 thousand to worry about," Moore says.
    Dr. Rogers says MSU's Board of Regents will consider that option.
    "[That] probably could be done, we are thinking about it, we're going to put our proposal forth sometime in the next year," he says.
    Governor Perry also wants to see a percentage of state funding tied to the number of students an institution graduates.

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