Routes Change for this Year's HHH

    The route for this year's Hotter 'n Hell Hundred is different from start to finish.
    There are two different routes: one for riders and one for racers.
    Riders will start pedaling at Scott St.
    Roby Christie, HHH chairman, says, "From the start, we're going to go a lot further west and we'll end up on the Waggoner Ranch and circling out toward Electra."
    From there, 100 miler cyclists will go to Punkin Center, down to Burk, and then to Sheppard Air Force Base.
    Christie says it's a more rural route than years past.
    "Some of the roads are really desolate, which will be more fun, I think, for people.  Most city dwellers are used to riding in traffic, and they're going to like seeing deer and turkeys," Christie says.
    Racers will start their race on Lincoln St. this year.
    "They will go north basically to Burkburnett on Highway 240, then go east all the way over to Ringgold, then come over  Henrietta," Christie says.
    They'll then go back up rural roads, and finish at the MPEC.
    Another change this year: both riders and racers will get to cycle through Sheppard Air Force Base.
    First Lieut. Jerred Moon with SAFB Public Affairs says, "What you can expect to see when you're on the base is air power alley, which is a showcase of air force inventory and aircraft.  You get to see a lot of what we do and our mission here at Sheppard Air Force Base."
    Plus, everyone will get to experience AIT, or Airmen In Training, Alley.
    "They're going to be all grouped up around a central location cheering on the riders and giving them a little motivation to finish the Hotter 'n Hell," Moon says.
    Organizers say these changes make the course safer for all, and allow everyone to take in the sights and sounds of Sheppard.
    Our KFDX crew will be set up at Scott St., the traditional starting line, for our annual Hotter 'n Hell morning broadcast.
    You'll want to tune in Saturday morning from 6:30 til 7:30 for the show.

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