Runoff Election Will Be Held in Wichita County Precinct 2 Commissioner Race


Four republicans, Lee Harvey, Leon Crabtree, Jr., Mickey Fincannon, and Bill Lockwood, believe they can fill the shoes of Wichita County Precinct 2 commissioner, Pat Norriss. All four men say they are no strangers to hard work, and all four say they are determined to make a difference in Wichita County. So it's up to the voters to decide which will make the biggest difference.

(Questions from Voters Guide for Wichita County by League of Women Voters of Wichita Falls)

Question 1: What are your qualifications for this office (including, your occupation, education, training & experience)? 100 word limit

Question 2: What are the most pressing problems you will face in this office, and how do you feel each one should be handled? 150 word limit

Leon Crabtree, Jr. - Republican - Burkburnett
Question 1: Since 2008, I have been employed by Wichita County. For the last three years, I’ve served as Road and Bridge Foreman for Pct 1. I have experience working in all fields of Road and Bridge, managing budgets, personnel, and project planning. I have first-hand working practice with essential County departments such as HR, County Extension Office, Indigent Health Office and Auditor’s Office with great success. I graduated from Burkburnett High School, Army Veteran, and have several hundred hours training through Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services including: low-cost safety improvements to county roadways, preventive maintenance, TMUTCD updates,
and calculation courses.

Question 2: Current pressing issues are safety, spending, cross training, department accountability and road issues. I would address safety by having the staff work in groups of two and continue to train on all safety matters. Cut spending by utilizing employees, equipment, and materials to their full potential, and looking for new, more effective ways to cut and maintain the budget. I would implement personal accountability for all staff by enforcing evaluations for personnel. I would start a cross training program for employees to maximize workforce. I will use new products such as TRMSS (tire rubber modified surface sealer), currently used by TXDOT, for attaining longer life for our roads. I will work vigorously with employees, residents, and the community to keep it safe. I have successfully implemented these procedures and as a result have made tremendous progress in trimming Pct1's budget, consecutively for the past three years.

Mickey Fincannon - Republican - Burkburnett
Question 1: I have been a Wichita County resident for over 41 years. I attended Burkburnett schools and graduated from Burkburnett High School. I worked for over 5 years for the Wichita County Sheriff’s Department during which time I received my Texas State Peace Officer Certification. In 1992, I took a position with the Wichita Falls Police Department and have been a police officer with them for over 21 years. I own a small farm in Wichita County where I reside with my wife and 3 children. I
currently own several small businesses as well as investment property in Wichita County.

Question 2: I think the most pressing problem for county and city government leaders during the next term will be dealing with the upcoming issues involving Sheppard Air Force Base. SAFB is a vital part of the Wichita County economy and affects almost every resident of this community. A proactive approach would have to continue to be done with city, state and federal representatives as well as leadership from SAFB to ensure the welfare of Sheppard. The current drought and water situation
surrounding our local communities will continue to demand county and local officials’ attention. This situation will require good sound decisions be made without placing unnecessary burden on the taxpayer. The county budget is one of the most difficult items to face for each commissioner. In dealing with the budget, I would use honesty and a common sense approach to make decisions that will not adversely affect Wichita County taxpayers.

Lee Harvey - Republican - Burkburnett
Question 1: I am a businessman with over thirty years experience. Before starting my own company, I was general manager of a six-company group with multi-million dollar budgets and payrolls in excess of 20 million dollars. I have dealt with all aspects of human resource issues, risk management issues and asset procurement. I have worked closely with banking institutions to oversee and manage cash flow. In many ways this elected office is a managerial position. I am more than qualified and I believe someone with my business experience is exactly what Wichita County needs.

Question 2: I believe we can be more prudent with taxpayer dollars. It is time to examine every aspect of what we do to more efficiently run our County Commissioner’s office. Economic development is crucial. I know how to develop a business friendly environment that will broaden our tax base and help relieve the tax burden on our residents. Jail over-crowding is a problem I will work to resolve. Even though the County is not responsible for water usage, I believe we must all work together to solve our water shortage problem. It affects us all. We must continue to protect Sheppard Air Force Base. As president of the Burkburnett Roustabouts, I have an established relationship with Sheppard through our Squadron Adoption Program and volunteer community/base activities. SAFB is a vital part of our county’s economy. I will work diligently to continue our strong relationship with the base

Bill Lockwood - Republican - Wichita Falls
Question 1: I would bring a constitutional perspective to county government. My primary field in historical studies is American History with an emphasis on the Constitutional Period. I have been asked to speak on the U.S. Constitution across our great state and as far north as Iowa. I believe it should be adhered to on all levels of government. I am fiscally and socially conservative. I am a defender of the 2 Amendment. I believe property rights are sacred and that people should always come first. I teach troubled youth in the WFISD and preach at the Iowa Park Church of Christ.

Question 2: Striking a balance between taxing the people and spending their hard-earned tax dollars is the singe-most issue of control in all government. First, the County must live within “its means” just as its citizens must do without creating hardship on them. This means holding the line on taxes and trimming where the county must in order to maintain the standard of living for all. Second, I believe property rights are sacred and the rights of land owners versus public interests must be carefully weighed in the balance. Third, discussion on how to best utilize our water resources is vital. One possible solution might be to establish well stations that operate on purchased tokens that county residents might utilize well water. Non-potable water would be used for animal consumption and/or construction and industrial usage. This would reserve potable water
for human consumption.

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