School Closings Cause Backlash on Facebook

Many schools and businesses across Texoma made their closing and schedule change decision before the storm arrived, anticipating the worse.

It was around 6:00 this morning when the WFISD announced its decision to cancel school for the day and that sparked quite the conversation on our Facebook page.

Wichita Falls schools were quiet Thursday, after the school district announced all campuses would be closed.

The news erupted chatter on our Facebook page with varying opinions.

Some were upset with the decision.

Brandy Rivers said, "Are you kidding me? It's barely below freezing. There was ice on the ground last week and they only delayed classes. This is ridiculous, the snow day needs to be saved for tomorrow when it's gonna be really bad."

Cody Paschall said, "For all the stay at home parents it must be nice! For those ones that work and need to the paycheck this is B.S. [They] need to send this message to my employer and explain today and the late start from the other day!"

But others praised the WFISD's decision, like Shawn Ramon who said, “Thank-you WFISD for thinking of our kids and not wanting everyone out on the roads and risking another 80 wrecks or so when it does hit because everyone is out and scrambling to get home!! Last time they didn't close and only delayed, and we all see how that ended up! Good looking out."

Alison Nicole said "Thank-you WFISD for thinking ahead!! Very thankful we don't have to bare the cold weather."

A WFISD spokesperson said they could not comment on the reasons and basis for the cancellation decision until school offices were back open.

But, they did say the process is to evaluate the situation according to the information they have at that time, something they've been doing for years.

And Kristyn Scheller may have summed up what happens regardless of the decision.

"People just always need something to complain about."

As of right now, the WFISD has not made a decision on classes Friday.

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