Several Arrested During Drug Round-up to Go to Trail

    It was the largest drug round up in Wichita County history.
    David Duke, Wichita County sheriff, says, "Operation Powder Burn was a cooperative effort between the district attorney's drug division and the Wichita County Sheriff's Office where we had officers involved to target street-level drug traffickers and narcotics dealers."
    Last March, a five month investigation paved the way for authorities to arrest at least 44 people for various drug charges.
    "Everyone we issued warrants for has been arrested at this time. Several of them have been sentenced to prison through the district attorney's office," Duke says.
    But several of those arrested will soon take their case to trial.
    "They don't believe they were the ones who sold the drugs, and they want to see the evidence against them.    Sheriff Duke says many of those awaiting trial have been in trouble with drugs before
    "When we take one to trial, I'm sure once the jury sees the evidence they'll be convinced these guys cause a nuisance in our communities and they'll send them away for long prison sentences."
    He's says this initiative isn't over yet.
    "We're just happy we were able to knock a whole bunch of them off the street, and we're gonna go back after a whole lot more. We're not finished."
    Sheriff duke says once the final person awaiting trial is convicted, "Operation Powder Burn" will be complete.
    But he says that doesn't mean his office won't, or hasn't already, started another mission.

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