Sheppard Airman Pleads Guilty to Sexual Activity with a Child

A Sheppard airman pleaded guilty Monday to charges involving sexual activity with a child and is awaiting his punishment from the military judge. Testimony began in the Sheppard Air Force Base courthouse Monday.

Airman First Class Nicholas Busch faced four charges, fraudulent enlistment, committing a lewd act on a child, wrongful enticement of a child, and absent without leave. The judge today dismissed the enticement charge.

According to the charges, Busch had sexual conversations and sent pictures and video of himself performing sexual acts to a 15 year old girl while he was in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base. When the charges were filed, Busch was stationed with the 364th Training Squadron at Sheppard.

He then allegedly forged paperwork to be reassigned to another base, and was arrested by air force special investigations officers in Kansas last August.

The fraudulent enlistment charge was filed when investigators discovered Busch had convictions in Kansas before he enlisted. Those convictions were for aggravated indecent liberties with a child and lewd fondling.

Officers say when Busch enlisted, he lied about not having any criminal convictions. 

The punishment is as follows: Busch received 6 years confinement, a dishonorable discharge, forfeit of pay and reduction in rank to E-1

This makes at least the second court martial at Sheppard involving sexual charges this year, and at least the 7th since 2010.

No official advance information was released on the current court martial. We found the other court martial convictions in a report by the Air Force judge advocate general's corps.

In 2010 Airman First Class Kenneth Beaver was convicted of abusive sexual contact after assaulting his roommate while he was sleeping.

In August 2012, Airman First Class Sean Taylor was convicted of aggravated sexual assault, forcible sodomy and other charges and sentenced to 5 years confinement. Investigators say he sexually assaulted a civilian after she passed out after a night of drinking.

In September of 2012, Airman Basic Chasare Jackson was convicted of aggravated sexual assault, abusive sexual contact and more. Testimony showed that Jackson and a female airman were drinking in his room and she left her keys in his room when she went home. Investigators say Jackson used the key to enter her dorm room and assault her while she slept.

Additionally, in May of 2013, Jackson was convicted of entering a female airman's dorm room and assaulting her. He received 3 years on that conviction.

In September, 2013 First Lieutenant Timothey Spielman was convicted and sentenced to 1 year for aggravated sexual contact, indecent acts and other charges. Investigators say a female student pilot invited several male students to her house while her husband was away and Spielman got drunk and forced her into submitting to sex acts.

In May this year Airman First Class Robert Andersen was convicted of rape and forcible sodomy of a female airman. Investigators say Andersen offered to take the victim home after a night of drinking but instead took her behind a building, raped her and left her unconscious.

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