Sheppard airmen returns home from war, surprises kids

We always love telling the stories about our military returning home from war.

And tonight we share the story of Air Force Major Adam Groves and his family.

His children were not expecting their father to return home from Afghanistan so soon.

To explain the cameras at Chuck E. Cheese, Groves' kids, thought they were being filmed as part of a commercial..

As they were being prepped for the camera, a family friend asked the Groves' kids what they wanted more than anything.

Anthony Groves, Major Adams 11 year old son, yelled out for his dad to come home.

When the kids turned around, their dad was standing behind them.

Major Groves was finally home Afghanistan after serving more than six months in the war and away from his family.

"It feels great. Absolutely fantastic to be able to hold them again," Major Groves exclaims.

Groves' three kids thought their dad was coming home on Thursday which made Wednesday afternoon's surprise extra special.

"We had a couple different ideas but this worked out to keep the kids busy enough while I snuck in and surprise them," Groves says.

The surprise that was no't easy to keep.

Groves adds, "I think it went pretty good. I think we kept it hidden from them which was probably the toughest part of it all together is not letting them clue in on it but she did good."

Jody Groves, Maj. Groves' wife, was one of the masterminds behind the whole surprise.

She knew her kids have been counting down the days until their father's safe return even though technology has been making the separation a little bit easier.

"Skype was great while he was gone because it wasn't like he completely missed everything the kids were doing," Jody Groves says. "They were able to show a picture at the end of the day or a grade so that was really nice but there is nothing like having him home."

Anthony says he is ready to spend some quality time with his dad playing Xbox.

Major Groves will be stationed a Sheppard Air Force Base for the next two years.

The Groves family plans to spend the summer relaxing, visiting with family and friends and taking a trip to Colorado and Yosemite National Park.

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