Sheppard Elementary Kids Dig into Some Owls

This week has been a real hoot for 5th graders at Sheppard Elementary!

The science class spent several days learning about the different types of owls.

Not only did they learn about the owls habitat they also dug a little deeper.

"We're dissecting owl pallets to study their food chains and see what they ate and see how the owl interacts with its environment".

Who knew the lives of owls could be so interesting.

5th graders at Sheppard Elementary are putting on goggles, grabbing their dissecting instruments, and digging into what was once inside an owl.

But before the dirty work begins.

These Jr. Scientists had to do their homework.

Science Teacher Melissa Rodriguez says, "First we researched owls and physical characteristics and we learned about the adaptation and how there adapted to eat certain types of food with their claws then they learned about their habitat and what they eat".

And that's where the fun but dirty part of the lesson comes in.

Length and width measured, mass of owl poo calculated, and let the dissecting begin!

And what they found really got them up out of their seats!

Rodriguez says this it's these lessons that the kids look forward to.

And she likes that it combines reading and writing with hands on activities and discussion.

"It just makes learning more meaningful to the students it just brings it up close and personal and they're able to construct their own understanding through the hands on", said Rodriguez.

As an added bonus during this lesson folks from the Wild Bird Rescue even dropped by with live owls for the kids to see.

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