Sheppard Invests in Conservation Efforts

As our lakes fall lower and lower, city officials are urging all residents and all businesses to conserve more, and use less whenever possible, that includes the largest employer, Sheppard Air Force Base.

Sheppard Air Force Base officials say they are now using  50% less water compared to what the base used in 2007, thanks in large part to a half million dollar investment in water conserving technology.

Every time a toilet flushes, it's more water going down the drain, more water from our lakes.

That's why Sheppard Airforce Base has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a project to reduce their water consumption.

"We are about a fifth the size of Wichita Falls as far as footprint in water consumption. We need to do our part just as the community is doing their part," said Edward Jordan, SAFB's Energy Manager.

They installed about one thousand of new low flow toilets, 42 hundred aerator faucets and 25 hundred low flow shower heads in the gymnasium and the dorms.

But that, Jordan says, is only the indoors part of the base conservation effort.

New landscaping has also reduced their water use dramatically.

"Using a xeriscaping approach it lowers our need for irrigation and the goal is for Sheppard and for the Airforce is to have a zero potable water for irrigation purposes. That one thing since 2012 we've ceased all irrigation, all watering," said Jordan.

Even without using water from city pipelines, the greens at the golf course are still mostly green.
"Our golf course is irrigated out here with gray water and that's basically partially treated effluent so we are not keeping our golf course green with potable water," he said.

Just another way the base is keeping the carts on the course, and the planes in the air.

Sheppard is also looking into implementing "rain water harvesting."Jordan says they have one million square feet of roof space to capture water and use it for irrigation on base.

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