Sheppard Profile: Insipiring future military training leaders

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE - A year and a half ago, Tech Sergeant Nathan Jemar didn't think he would be a military training leader. 

He said, "As a military training leader or MTL, we mentor, train and lead the next generation of airmen," but he added that he is grateful that he was given the opportunity to step into that role.

"This job is awesome to have because I know that through what I do here, some of these airmen would eventually be a chief master sergeant because of what I've helped them learn here," he told us.

Tech Sgt. Jemar said he owes his love for what he does to retired Master Sergeant Alan Quevy.

Quevy said, "At the time airman Jemar was a great young airman, had a good head on his shoulders, really knew what he wanted to do, made a little couple mistakes here or there and I was able to take some time and correct those errors and put him on the right track." 

He continued to say during his role as a military training leader, one of his policies was to always be on time or be forced to give up your weekend, Tech Sgt Jemar had to experience that as airman under Quevy. "So for every hour on the hour for twelve hours on Saturday and Sunday, I had to sign in on the weekend with my name," Tech. Sgt. Jemar said.

In fact, he said a staff sergeant was always available to make sure he did indeed sign his name.

"I learned a lesson of being on time is important. I haven't been late since and that was 7 years ago,"  Tech. Sgt. Jemar told us. "Learning that in an early age, I kept that through my military career and wanted to come back here and wanted to do that for the next generation of airmen that come after me." 

Seeing all of Tech. Sgt. Jemar's accomplishments, Quevy said, "It's really awesome to see all the work that I put in all the airmen to come back and see him in this position now, it's really a job satisfaction." 

Tech Sgt. Jemar just hopes to one day be as great a leader as retired Master Sergeant Quevy and inspire future airmen to do the same.

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