Sheron Pritchard Pays it Forward

- Sheron Pritchard works at Texas Oncology, and on Wednesday she was the first to spot our Pay It Forward truck and wanted to bless a very special patient she sees quite often as he gets treatments at the center.

Sheron says while struggling with cancer is bad enough, her patient is also struggling financially.

Sheron says, "I gave him what I had in my purse at the time which was $20 and then when I heard about this I thought, he is the person I would pay it forward to."

That patient is John Lowery. When we first pulled in John's driveway he didn't know what to think.

John says, "I thought it was the FBI to be honest with ya. I thought I haven't done nothing."

But it didn't take long before the emotions were overwhelming, because for John, Sheron's simple act of kindness also helps him in his struggle against bone cancer.

Lowery: "It means a lot. I'm on a fixed income and I can't work due to the cancer and it'll help me with money toward my car."

A car that will bring a little independence while he is dependent on so many other things.

Lowery: "It's not having to walk to the grocery store, not having to walk to the bus stop to catch a ride cause there's somedays I just don't feel like getting up off the couch."

And while the $300 gift from Sheron won't get him a car instantly, he says it will bring him one big step closer.

Now this campaign is only getting started and Jon will be out there in the Pay It Forward truck every Wednesday morning. Just look for the truck and you could have an opportunity to put $300 to good use.

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