Shoppers Pack Stores for Thanksgiving Groceries

It's one of the most hectic days of the year for grocery workers who brace themselves for the crowds of shoppers getting ready for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal.
Mechell Dixon is at market street on Kell where business has been bustling all day long.

Managers say they started seeing business pick up this past weekend.
And they say it really picked up around eight this morning and has continued going strong.

Increased shoppers for Thanksgiving groceries made the concept of  "grab and go" virtually impossible at Market Street.

"This, pretty much, is our Black Friday.  Everybody has Thanksgiving and everybody prepares for it and today, everybody will be shopping for it," says Larry Martin, general manager at Market Street.

Everybody, including Hope Parks.

"I got really organized and I made about four trips earlier in the week and thought I had everything, but I didn'," says Parks.

So she returned.
As for Andrew Bautista, this is his first trip to pick up items on his shopping list.
And he says if he forgets something he will not be coming back.

"I'm just gonna make due.  I'm a pretty avid home cook so if I'm out of something I can make adjustments or use stuff that we already have at the apartment and hopefully, it's gonna taste good.  I'm making it," says Bautista.

Market Street managers say they started planning for this day three months ago.
And they took steps to help cut congestion on Thanksgiving Eve by having all hands on deck, whether to check out customers ro restock food but managers say no amount of planning and extra staffing can ease all the woes caused by such a massive surge of shoppers.

"It's hard for our stockers to stock sometimes because it is so busy it's hard to get to the product to stock that's why we bring in extra people to help people find stuff, actually, in the middle aisle... to help our stockers too," Martin says.

Managers say crowds have come in waves today with this wave coming from people who just left work.
But if you plan to do any last minute shopping here you have until midnight, which is when MaSket street closes for the Thanksgiving holiday

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