Small Texoma Towns Worry about Water

In this small Texoma town life is pretty quiet, with little traffic and usually few worries.

But, there is one thing that's got these residents talking.

“Well everyone is going to have to conserve water,” said Burk Morris, an Archer City resident.

Starting December 2nd Archer City will enforce Stage four water restrictions.

City officials say with levels at Lake Kickapoo below 30%,  they have no other options.

And residents seem to agree.

“I lived in the country and hauled my own water so, I conserve water. I turn my faucet off when I am brushing my teeth, I don't waste water,” he said.

“I conserve water, I bail water out of the bathtub to water my plants, so I can have plants,” said Beth Calhoun, another resident. 

A few miles southwest,  an even smaller town, has even bigger worries.

“Well I guess it's the worst one we've ever seen,” said Megargel resident, Cecil Tilley.

Megargel's Water Operator, Andy Lane couldn't talk to us on camera but said their only source of water, Megargel Lake, is down to six feet of water, and with the level dropping two inches per week he predicts it will be completely dried up in three to four months.

But even with these water woes, folks stay positive.

“There isn't anything we can do about it so I guess we just have to ride it out,” said Tilley.

“If it doesn't rain then we are all in this boat together and we will work together and figure it out. If it does rain, which i believe it will, then we will enjoy it," said Calhoun.

When Archer city begins enforcing stage four on December 2nd residents will no longer be able to use any form of irrigation.

That means, no spray, bubbler, drip or hand watering allowed.

However, once a week on their watering day, they can water around their home foundations...

Megargel city officials say they have plans in the works to get their residents another water source, but they do not have all the details worked out.

The third and final Wichita County town using water from Wichita Falls began enforcing stage 4 restrictions.

Electra residents will be subject to fines for violations of the restrictions which include a ban on all outdoor watering.

You can find all those restrictions here:

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