Snake Bite Season

Wichita Falls--With summer vacation just around the corner kids are gearing up to leave the classroom and enter the great outdoors.

But before they head out the door it's a good idea to remember what may be lurking in the grass just outside your door.

At a party last week near memorial stadium, 11- year old Bryce Carpenter came nose to nose with a rattle snake after jumping over a fence to get his frisbee.

"My brother was just joking around with me and he was like...oh watch out snake! and i didn't really think any thing of it," said Bryce just before he was bitten.

But, it was no joke Bryce was bitten on the foot by what he says was 4 foot rattler.

"It was scary, and i thought i was either going to die or lose a leg"

Bryce's 18- year old brother carried him to the car,  and then called their mom, Kelly Carpenter... who rushed to United Regional.

"Before I could even walk over to him he just grabbed, grabbed me and started kissing me on the face and saying 'mom i love you i love you because he truly thought that he was saying good bye," said Carpenter.

But, thanks to the staff at United Regional,  and the family says a lot of prayer, Bryce pulled through and is doing just fine.

Advice from experts if you're going to be outside with your family and going to be in tall grass like this or out on your driveway...there are precautions you should take.

Before your kids go outside,  take a stick and walk around your yard to check for snakes.

Then, if you do find one,  you can use the stick to protect yourself before calling animal control.

But if what happened to Bryce happens to you or a family member, "you want to get away from that area where there is a potential of getting bit again," said Dr. Anne Rizzo bite specialist at United Regional

Dr. Rizzo also said that if you are bitten to wash the bitten area with soap and water,  and just as Bryce did, get to a hospital as soon as possible.

Doctor Rizzo said that some good news if you're bitten by a snake in wichita county is that it is the "cheapest place in the free world," to be administered antivenom.

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