SOAR Director Optimistic June Will Provide Cloud Seeding Opportunities

June is here so as the mercury rises, do chances for cloud seeding evaporate?

Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research, SOAR, Project Director Gary Walker says they had 18 missions during the first three months of the program.

He says they are optimistic their mission to bring more rain to Wichita Falls will continue before a two month hiatus starting next month.

"If the seeding just contributed a small percentage of that water, it's very very valuable to the city versus what their cost would have been," Walker says. 

Walker says even though the start of the June has been a dry one, the chances for clouds suitable for seeding are still high.

However, while some Wichita Falls residents have not seen it rain in the city, Walker says some of it has fallen in the water shed.

"Our programs is not to seed clouds for Wichita Falls proper," Walker says. "Our mission, our contract with the city, is that we seed clouds that are going to rain over the water shed."

In addition, he says, "But, anything north of the water shed moving north or east, we will not seed them because that's not part of our mission."

Walker says the first three months provided ample opportunities to cloud seed and he is hopeful June will offer the same.

He says, "We expect June will be even better than that but we can only work with what God gives us to work with. We got to have clouds to see."

Walker says a full report of the first four months of cloud seeding will be made available in August.

He says because of the way the contract is set up, they can't cloud seed in July and August, even if conditions are right, unless the city amends the contract.

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