Some Communities Pushing Back Against Sanctuary City Practices

Sanctuary Cities are one of the issues at the center of immigration arguments. But some localities are doing just the opposite, helping ICE voluntarily. Casey Stegall has more.

Inside any American jail the booking process for an inmate is practically identical.  A plethora of personal data is collected like fingerprints and mugshots. But if you think all of that information is shared think again.

"It is wrong. They are law enforcement professionals, trying to keep their communities safe."

Because immigration is enforced federally local authorities cannot access the ICE database. That means there's no way to know whether someone they've got in custody is legal, or not unless they physically call ICE.

"I think that it's important that we are able to be able to see all these people."

Bill Waybourn is the sheriff of Tarrant County, Texas. He, alongside 17 of his fellow Texas sheriffs have voluntarily enrolled in what's called the "2-8-7 (g)" program.

"We can now check the immigration status of folks that come into our jails."

If they don't check out, immigration is called. Counties say this will ultimately save them money because it'll free up jail space and the program's cost is covered by the feds.

Many have protested the state's approach to immigration enforcement. A new law goes on the books next month in part, allowing police to ask someone's legal status. But critics like the Houston Police Chief and Dallas County Sheriff believe it has already had a "chilling effect."

"Certain communities who reported crimes before are not reporting it anymore. So what is that saying to us? Crime is being committed and nobody is taking care of it."

According to ICE, nearly 70 agencies are currently enrolled in this program, 19 of those here in Texas, more than any other state. It's the latest from Dallas, Casey Stegall, FOX News.


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