Sparklers Not Included in Fireworks Ban For Wichita County

    Despite all the firework bans, there is one 4th of July favorite that could be shining this weekend,sparklers. County officials have been fielding many phone calls with questions of whether they are legal to purchase and use this weekend. Judge Gossom says sparklers are legal but reminds everyone they still pose a very high fire risk.
    And because of that risk Judge Gossom spoke to several stores today about the danger. He says according to the law they are not fireworks so they are not included under the county ban. He says if you do plan to use them please do so with caution.
     "That wire when you throw it down can start a fire instantaneously. So I ask anyone if the do purchase those items be very careful. Put them in a safe receptacle after using them. But we really would rather you didn't use them," said Judge Woody Gossom, Wichita County.
    The firework ban in Wichita County currently extends through Tuesday July 5th, however Judge Gossom is currently working with Governor Rick Perry's office to extend that ban through the end of September.

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