Spirit of Texoma Award Goes to Jim and Beverly Marshall

- Typically we give the Spirit of Texoma Award to someone who volunteers, gives back, or otherwise represents the kind and caring nature of folks here in our area.

This time it's going to two people, Jim and Beverly Marshall of Wichita Falls, who love helping not only area non-profit organizations but also the people those agencies serve.

The Marshalls both worked hard for many years.

"When I started thinking about retiring we began to talk about the fact that we were going to be together 24 hours a day, so we needed to do something," Beverly said.

These pet lovers, now both retired, volunteer actively with Hospice, Meals on Wheels, and their church.

"He actually stays more busy than I do. But I stay home and take care of the little dog," said Beverly.

"Monday is our day off. Tuesday is Meals on Wheels. Wednesday is Hospice. Thursday is shut ins and Friday we're back here when we're needed."

Meals on Wheels, like many other non-profit agencies, is in constant need of both volunteers and funding. The agency is facing major federal budget cuts this year.

"It's a constant need here and the people here are so wonderful here and so caring."

"Both of us are outgoing people and we talk a lot and we do like to visit. It fulfills a need in us to. God's been so good to us it's time we give back."

The Marshalls are known by those they serve for their reliability and willingness to give back.

"You start out quicky taking a meal then the next time you say something. Then you learn they have dogs, so we carry dog biscuits. Jim has trained one of the dogs. One was going to attack him now that little dog runs gets the biscuit and runs back," Beverly explained.

And the relationships with those they serve continue to grow, a gift the Marshalls say is given to them by a higher power.

"It's not about us. It's about our father. Jesus Christ. And his father. He said take care of those who are hungry and need clothing and shelter. And that's what we're about."

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