Spirit of Texoma: Roger Herrera

Roger Herrera has always had a servant's heart. The retired educator also spent 27 years serving our country in the Armed Forces, and now he's serving meals to those in need at Faith Mission. The decision to give back came at a difficult time. In June 2012, he lost his wife Betty after 57 years of marriage.

He says, "For the first month i was lost then I read about the need for volunteers at the mission. So I decided to give my time and I've been here every day since."

He says he and his wife were always involved in helping others, and now he's carrying on that mission. For nearly 2 years now he's come to the mission every single day of the week.

"We don't know how many we'll have. For the cooks, not knowing how many to feed that's not an easy task but they do very well."

He says the relationships he's forged with both the staff and clients is what keeps him coming back day in and day out.

"I've become very close to the people that are here and the staff is fantastic group of people to work with."

Roger set out to bring blessings to others, but says he's the one who's truly been blessed.

"The inner feeling of helping someone in need is always a great reward. I get a lot thanks from the people, but in reality i'm the one who gained. this picked me up."

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