Spring Breakers Help Build Home for Habitat For Humanity in Wichita Falls

Thousands of students across the country are enjoying some time off from tests and homework this week while on spring break.
while tons of students hit the road to beaches, a lake or even their parents homes to relax, Others are staying busy during their break by serving others.
Vivian Zhu and 18 other Washington University students from St. Louis, Missouri traveled to Wichita Falls to spend their spring break building a home for Habitat for Humanity.
Zhu says it is all in the hopes of getting one Texoma family closer to their dream home.
"This is definitely a change of pace from sitting at your books for eight hours a day," Zhu says. "I would say maybe not most people's idea of relaxing compared to being at a resort or going home and doing nothing but honestly, it's kind of hypnotic being able to say we did all of this and at the same time, it's for a good cause, it's for other people."
Zhu says this experience is allowing them to meet many new people and learn a lot along the way.
"It allows me the chance to get to know and interact with people like this who are motivated to help out in the community and help out with places beyond just their immediate lives," Zhu says. "Yes, it's tiring and it's a lot of new stuff we have to learn and get use to. I have splinters, that kind of thing, but honestly, it's really rewarding and it's a great experience to be learning this kind of thing."
Other students like Brendan McIntyre say it is an unconventional spring break but the work it worth it.
"Honestly, it doesn't even feel like work out here," McIntyre says. "We're out here for a full work day but it's also, you're around people, you're with some of your best friends, you're meeting really cool people."
"You just feel great at the end of the day knowing that you gave back," McIntyre exclaims.
Habitat for Humanity Construction Manager Martin Wade says it's inspiring to see young people interested in community service.
Wade says, "I think it's a really phenomenal thing. It shows that our people nowadays, young people nowadays are actually getting more aware of what they really need to be attracted to."
Wade hopes to have the home finished in the next four months but says volunteers are needed.
If you would like more information on Habitat for Humanity, you can call 940.716.9300.

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