Stage 3 water restrictions will also impact neighboring Wichita Falls communities

The combined lake levels of Lake Arrowhead and Lake Kickapoo is down to nearly 40% which means Wichita Falls is very close to entering stage 3 water restrictions.

Once that happens, neighboring communities will also have to comply.

Stage 3 water restrictions will be felt across Texoma because many surrounding towns get their water, whether it's treated or they treat it themselves--- from Wichita Falls.

Archer City is one of those communities and City Manager George Huffman says residents have already started doing their part.

"We're doing a real good job right now of conserving water," Huffman says. "It will have an impact. Right now, we're in the months where we're not watering. It makes it better."

While neighboring comunities scale back on water use, Huffman says it's the unexpected that hurts them most like water pipes bursting or water leaks.

"That's a big part of what we really have to watch for is to get our leaks fixed faster then usual," Huffman says. "If we run out 50,000 gallons in a leak then we're going to have to purchase that much more to build things back up."

In Lakeside City, City Manager Sam Bownds says as soon as the lakes fall below 40%, their community will start rationing water.

"We follow the same restrictions Wichita Falls does because we purchase the water from them...we just ask to be stewards of the water. Make sure they don't overwater when their watering days are," Bownds says.

A small price to pay to perserve of most important commodity.

"The water supply is going down so it will be a big impact on everybody," Bownds says.

Huffman exclaims Archer City officials do not want to resort to harsh consequences for not conserving water.

"We have the ability, that if somebody abuses the system, to cut their water off," Huffman says.

A drastic measure that may teach an important lesson.

Huffman says that after Wichita Falls goes in to stage 3 water restrictions, it may be some time before Archer City does because Wichita Falls goes by the combined lake levels of Lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead while Archer City only goes by Lake Kickapoo and it is currently at a higher percentage.

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