Stage 4 Restrictions Could Come Soon

The city of Wichita Falls reports the combined lake levels of Lake Kickapoo and Arrowhead is now at 30.8%, that's less than one percent away from Stage 4 water restrictions taking effect.

They say best case scenario, which means continuing to get some rain here and there, they wouldn't have to implement Stage 4 restrictions until next year, sometime in March.

But worst case scenario, without another drop of rain soon, we could see those restrictions take effect at the end of November.

There is no doubt the lakes are dropping.

In fact Wichita Falls has never seen levels so low.

And now they are even teetering into uncharted waters, especially if Stage 4 restrictions take effect.

“So we are going to take away your ability to water your trees, and your grass and your flowers and your shrubs to protect that water supply for health and sanitation,” said Wichita Falls city Operations Manager, Daniel Nix.

He says a total ban on outside irrigation would be the biggest Stage 4 restriction having the most impact on the average resident.

But large industrial businesses would also have to make some changes.

And Nix says it would start with a water audit.

“Find out where they are using the water in their facilities in their process and is there any new technology for them to help them conserve water,” he said.

Nix says if the lake levels were to hit 20 % those businesses would have to implement the audit's results and reduce their use of water accordingly.

At the golf course water from only the holding ponds would be used to water the grass and once that's gone, “They can't take anymore from us, they would have to find another source of water,” Nix said.

Of course we hope we don't have to see Stage 4 implemented at all, but the city says they have to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, which is why they have now begun discussing the possibility of Stage 5 restrictions.

That's only in the early stages and officials say they don't even have a lake level percentage narrowed down yet where such restrictions would take place.

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