Stage Four Water Restrictions

Wichita Falls is enforcing tougher water restrictions to conserve Texomas most valued resource, water.
This is the first time Stage 4 Water Restrictions have been implemented.

“I just think it's time for people to wake up, it's not fake, it's not ,'Oh we have a lot of water out there, we don't,'” said Glenda Coburn from Holliday.

It's a conclusion many have come to with Texoma's lake levels so low.
Now the city of Wichita Falls is enforcing even more restrictions to conserve.

Starting Saturday Stage Four Restrictions prohibit people in Wichita Falls from outdoor watering, giving a whole new meaning to the term curb appeal.

“It's not good, not good. Everybody's grass is going to die,” said Chris Anderson, of Wichita Falls, who says he doesn't do too much conserving. 

“Not too much honestly, I don't water my grass right now, and I guess that is a big save and I am not going to have grass in a couple of months so, other than that everything is about the same," he said.

But others say Stage Four Restrictions are only a small addition to their current conservation efforts.

“I do my water from my tub to my flowers,” said Coburn.

“Waiting for my dishwasher to get full before I run it, not flushing my commode very often,” said Clata Beggs from Wichita Falls.

And in the midst of trying to preserve Texoma's priceless possession, people ponder what's ahead.

“We are still not getting rain, there is still not water coming in. So I think it's going to get worse I think,” said Anderson. 

“I wish they would have put that pipeline in two or three years ago, because we used re-used water overseas and you couldn't tell the difference,” Len Fairchild, from Wichita Falls.

“I 'm just praying that our good Lord will send us some rain,” said Beggs.

A prayer still going unanswered.

The city is also asking for your help to make sure conservation efforts are enforced.

If you think someone is not following the water restrictions you can give the city a call at 761-7477, or after hours, 720-5000.
For questions on restrictions, call 761-7401.

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