Stage Three Drought Restrictions May be Coming Soon

If keeping up with when the city may or may not hit stage 3 drought restrictions has your head spinning, you're not alone. Throughout the year, Daniel Nix and other public works officials have been keeping close tabs on when the city will hit that all important number of 40 percent combine lake levels-which would prompt stage three restrictions. 

Nix said, "The summer cooled off sooner than we had anticipated, we were using the 2011 summer data for our projections, that was our worst case. The cooling off, the winds were not as high, and of course our conservation efforts here in town all served to extend the water restrictions out at the lakes." 

Even with those efforts, Nix says the city is still trending toward stage 3 restrictions. Which would mean greater restrictions on restaurants, the golf courses, and people watering their yard: "If you have what's called hose end irrigation, one you screw onto a hose, then you're only allowed to water from 8pm til midnight on your day to water." 

Also under stage 3, car washes would have to close down one day a week, which would also reduce revenue. "That is plenty fair. that really doesn't hurt us as bad. what we're really worried about is come march or April if the lakes dip below 30% we would possibly be cut off." 

As it stands now, Nix says according to his calculations, the city could enter stage 3 restrictions as early as January, or as late as March. Of course, all that could change-if it rains.

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