Still No Arrest in Woman's Murder Five Months Later

    It's a scene those who live on Britain St. may never forget.
    Mellodyee Lathen, who lives on Britain St., says, "I walked out the door and [the street] Was covered with police.  No one would let you down the street or up the street."
    Lathen is describing what she saw that Feb. 9 day when she and others learned their neighbor , 32-year-old Monica Partida,  was found dead inside her home.
    Police say Partida died from "violent homicidal means".
    Wichita Falls police discovered Partida's body inside her home in the 13-hundred block of Britain while responding to a check welfare call.
    Five months later, police say no one has been charged in her murder.
    "It's bad enough when someone dies and you know [who the suspect is], but to not have a suspect, that family is still in hurt and in pain," Lathen says.
    Police say a man charged with aggravated assault at a Wichita Falls nightclub remains a person of interest in Partida's murder.
    Forty-year-old Jerry Joe Garza is charged with two counts of aggravated assault at the Las Vegas Club on North Scott in late November.
    Garza allegedly assaulted two men.
    One victim says Garza hit him over the head with a beer bottle, breaking his nose, and also bit him in the chest.
    The other victim said Garza bit part of his thumb off.
    Neighbors say not knowing who took Partida's life makes them more alert.
    "It just makes me more cautious and less friendly.  It makes me watch people a whole lot closer," Lathen says.
    Wichita Falls police detectives declined to interview today.
    They did, however, confirm that Jerry Joe Garza is still a person of interest in Partida's murder.

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