Stores Restocking From Black Friday; Now Prepping for Ice

- Now that the biggest shopping weekend of the year is behind local retailers, preps are underway for what could be another shopping rush this week.

Retailers are now focusing on the return of winter weather.

Some Black Friday deals hit the shelves earlier than ever but managers at two retail giants say it actually made it easier for employees and shoppers.

“I think it was better for customer flow, customers were here earlier, but they also get to leave earlier,” says Walmart manger Ben Barboza.

“It seemed to be kind of spread out over a three day period, we were really busy Wednesday and then Black Friday was busy but then Saturday turned out to be a really busy day for us which is a little unusual,” says Target Manager Kerry Beaver.

Now they are restocking shelves with winter needs in mind, gearing up for the possibility of ice later this week.

“When we have cold weather coming a lot of guests like to come in early to kind of get in here before the bad weather. So we are defiantly restocking with cold weather accessories,” says Beaver.

“We went ahead and ordered up on deicer, your window scrapers, your toboggans, gloves, all your cold weather items. Especially your salt that you're gonna need,” says Barboza.

And both managers say you can let the stores do the worrying so you can focus on getting what you need while staying safe on the roads.

“Shop early. These are all things you are going to need anyway so no need to panic on Wednesday,” says Beaver.

“Be safe, be conscious of time. There's no reason to rush. We're not gonna run out,” says Barboza.

More than 141 million people shopped 'til they dropped across the nation Thursday through Sunday.

That includes 45 million who shopped Thanksgiving day, an increase of over 30-percent from 2012 according to the National Retail Federation.

Also up, the number of people who shopped Black Friday, with over three million more people joining the Friday rush.

And all those buys totaled more than 57 billion dollars.

Here at home, retailers like Harvest Drug and Gift saw a big increase in sales.

Janet Beard says sales were up from a year ago at least 15 percent.

And, Tom at Hebert's Furniture says he believes their increase in sales had everything to do with people shopping earlier this year, and then moving onto furniture.

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