Super Bowl Brings Super Sales

Super Bowl Sunday not only means super excitement for the fans, it brings super sales to retailers.

The big game is days away.

It's not necessarily about the Broncos or the Seahawks, I don't think that many people in Texoma really like either of the teams,” said Kyle Eagan.”

And even if you're not a big fan of either team, it doesn't mean you won't have big plans come Sunday.

Me and my family we are going to sit together, watch the game, fish fry a little bit and enjoy our day,” said Joel Onyia.

According to experts big screens run 5 to 10 percent cheaper leading up to the big game, which is why many will be watching it from a brand new TV.

A lot of people will go ahead and buy at this time of the year, they are going to make the purchase anyway, so what better time than the Super Bowl to get a new TV,” said Kerry Beaver, Target's manager.

THe says almost every TV at Target is on sale and similar displays can be found in other electronic departments.

Experts say while the big game is a motivator to buy for some shoppers, part of the discounts are to keep inventory moving.

They say prices of televisions continue to drop 8 to 10 percent each year, as technology brings lower prices.

So it doesn't matter so much what your motivator is...

I mean you can't watch the Super Bowl on a 19 inch. You got to have a big TV,,” said Dominique Williams.

Go big or go home, just like the winners say.

Experts say the Winter Olympics are also a big motivation for sports fans to purchase a new television.

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