Surrogate Mother and Husband Win Free Vacation

A family with children is a precious gift that's not easily created.

According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control, more than seven million couples struggle with infertility.

And that led one mother at Fort Sill to give nine months of herself, and help create a life.  

It's almost four years ago to the day, when Leigh and Lt. Col. Tom Hansbarger made a promise together. It was the foundation to their beautiful family.

A family which Leigh doesn't take for granted.

“I mean we were so lucky, so lucky, that you almost feel guilty to have two healthy kids so quickly,” she said.

That's what inspired Leigh to become a surrogate mother in order to help a couple struggling with infertility create a family like her own.

Throughout the entire pregnancy, there was her supportive husband by her side.

So when Leigh stumbled upon a competition asking military spouses why their soldier is an American hero, she knew it was a no-brainer.

She says she submitted an application on Youtube right away for the opportunity to win a free vacation.

“How could he not deserve a trip like this. Who lets their wife get pregnant for someone else's child and then live with her for nine months not knowing if she is going to be tired, or sick, or cranky? I mean he's a good guy, he's a keeper,” said Leigh.

Months later the couple heard the good news, they'd won! But Tom says he doesn't think it's from his heroic acts.

“She did spin it on my selfless service being in the military and supporting her through this. But I think it's obvious that it's her selfless service by being a surrogate that really probably sealed the deal with that,” he said.

The true prize came on October 18th, when Leigh gave birth to a 7 pound 14 ounce baby girl.

A gift of life Leigh carried to pay it forward.

Leigh says she remains in contact with the happy new family, and she could not be happier with her own experience. 

The Hansbarger's will go to the Bahamas for a 6 day 7 night trip they won in that competition.

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