Surveying Tornado Damage in Nocona

This is all that remains of the Skinners' home at Lake Nocona Estates following a tornado that blew through their community Wednesday Evening.

The twister tore off the roof and several walls, leaving a gaping hole in the living room where Travis Skinner and his wife were standing only seconds before the tornado blew through.

"As we were going in the door, they're was debris coming down the hallway, glass and limbs. Stuff off the wall like that and when we looked out there was no end to the house, it was just gone." Said Travis Skinner.

Saturday the National Weather Service out of Fort Worth scoured the area, checking out damage done to homes like the Skinners and evaluating how big wednesday night's tornado was.

"What would it take to slide a mobile home and we know through engineering studies, that's about 90-95 miles per hour and that's why it's getting an EF-1 rating." Said Mark Fox of the National Weather Service Fort Worth.

Seeing the destruction that can be caused by a tornado has Meterologists warning texomans about how dangerous and deadly these storms can be.

"It's North Texas, it's Southern Oklahoma, tornadoes happen we can't stop them but you have to be ready for them." Said Fox.

While it's still a long road ahead for the Skinners, whose damaged home still lies in some of their trees, they know the tornado didn't take what was most important, their lives.

"We survived and are healthy, neither one of us got hurt, that's all that matters. This is not the first time we've had to start all over, we'll start all over again just like we've always done." Said Skinner.

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