Suspect Speaks out about Mays Murder

Arrest affidavits we've obtained for the three teens charged in the city's first homicide this year indicate one of the three admitted to driving the other suspects to and from the murder and that those two were after money or drugs from the victim.

18-year-old Jonathan Booker, 18-year-old Davontay Johnson, and 19-year-old Brandon Mabonga are all charged with capital murder for the murder of 35-year-old David Mays on January 29th.

Police found Mays dead from a gunshot wound on the floor of his home on Woods street. According to an arrest affidavit, police got calls from acquaintances of the three who said the three teenagers were responsible for the murder. One caller said Johnson told them that he and Booker were planning to rob a man from California who lived on Woods street. Mays had recently moved here from California.

Based on information received from multiple callers, police interviewed Booker and say he told them that he and Johnson committed the crime to get money and/or drugs.

Police also interviewed Mobanga who admitted driving the car to the house and said Johnson had a two-barrel derringer and Booker had a shotgun with a scope.  

Police say Mabonga said he stayed in the car and heard loud arguing then he saw Johnson in the driveway fire one shot into the air, and heard him say, "you got 7 seconds to tell me what I want to know" then heard him count "1, 2..." and then heard a second gunshot.

He said he then drove them back to Johnson's house where Johnson told them that if any of them spoke of the robbery, he would kill them. The affidavit states forensics matched the bullet in Mays' body to the derringer used by Johnson. Now May's friends and family will get some closure.

"Everybody loved my brother," said Calthreen Mays.  "So, for whatever reason this person had it in his heart to take his life, the only thing that could bring us peace and closure is to see this person brought to justice, and to pay for the crime he's committed. That's the only thing that will bring peace to our family."

Johnson and Booker were already in custody in connection with an aggravated robbery on December 18th in the 4700 block of Tammy.

Johnson and Booker have bonds of one million dollars for the Tammy alleged robbery and all three have bonds of 2 million for capital murder. 

This is still an ongoing investigation. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 940-322-9888.

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