T-38 Crashes Early Friday Morning; Both Pilots Suffer Minor Injuries

A T-38 crashed this morning about 3 miles south of Sheppard. a student and instructor pilot both ejected receiving minor injuries. 

This happened just before 7 this morning. One pilot was treated on the scene and is back on base now. The second was taken to United Regional for their minor injuries 

Right now the wreckage is located on private property off Pecanway and Horton Drive out in Wichita County.

The two people on board the plane were a German student pilot 1st Lieutenant Julius Dressbach and the instructor Major Chris Thompson. 

Sheriff David Duke who was first on the scene with a number of his deputies says one of the pilots told him a bird strike caused the crash and both pilots ejected from the air craft. 

Sheriff David Duke said, "The deputies did tell me that the pilot that was injured apparently was hung in the trees and fell through the trees to get down while trying to get out of it. He was covered with jet fuel but then again, from the crash and their ejection and coming down through it and the fire. He had made a comment that he was involved in the fire ball when he went through it and he had some minor burns on his face and neck." 

Fortunately both pilots received minor injuries. The plane crashed into a heavily wooded area. We spoke with one neighbor who heard the plane go down.

Melissa Baker said, "All of a sudden you hear a big loud noise, it sounded like a blow torch and then just a big loud bang, so we flew out of bed, threw shoes on went outside and you just see a big mushroom cloud everywhere."

Crews are on the scene of the wreckage and officials say they could be here for several days up to a few weeks. 

While the pilots received only minor injuries, one Wichita County Deputy did suffer a broken leg. Lt. George Robinson is in surgery at last report. He apparently suffered the injury while trying to get over a fence to help one of the pilots. 

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