Target 3 Special: Faces of Drought Part Three

- Stage 5 water restrictions could come any day now, making it more important than ever to make sure every drop counts.

Dr. Morgan Moore, an optometrist, is making use of every drop of water, not only at his home, but at his office as well. He says he hopes others will join in on his efforts.

Behind Dr. Moore's office on Kramer Road, you'll find extra rain gutters, tied into plastic totes, collecting water when it does rain, to be put to use where it's needed.

“Hook up a normal garden hose to the bottom of the tote and you can run your garden hose to your plants,” says Dr. Moore.

The same set up captures water at his home and off his tool shed, but just getting the system installed is not the last step.

And conservation methods continue inside although it may not be as obvious.

Some of his toilets are already water saving. But for the one's that aren't, he puts containers in the tanks, leaving less room for water to fill up. That means less water is used with every flush and he says if everyone did the same, it could make a big difference.

“Most of us maybe go to the bathroom 4,5,6 times a day. In a day maybe everyone in Wichita County would save a gallon. If there's a 130 thousand people in Wichita County that's 130 thousand gallons a day. In a week's time that's maybe a million gallons a week,” says Dr. Moore.

And using less toilet water isn’t the only way his family is cutting back.

“We don't like taking a shower in cold water, so we want to let it warm up. Well instead of letting your warm up water go down the drain, collect it in your bucket,” says Dr. Moore.

And he says that water can be used for a variety of things like watering your pets or filling your washer. In fact, after a week's worth of collecting shower water, Dr. Moore says he barely has to add any water to his washing machine when it's time to wash clothes.

He says everyone can pitch in because everything he does besides the rain water totes is basically free of cost. But he says the money he does spend is an investment because it's about making a lifestyle change as we are not the only place dealing with drought.

“New Mexico has drought, Arizona has drought, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon is drying up so the people who depend on the Colorado River like in Phoenix and Las Vegas they're have problems also,” says Dr. Moore.

Problems Dr. Moore proves can be made a little better if we all do our part.

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