TCEQ Report Can Be Misleading

Residents of another Texoma town are reading news reports they may only have a half year's supply of water left.

But, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which put out the report on Henrietta, and water supplies of other towns, says the analysis can be misleading.

According to TCEQ all public water systems must file drought contingency plans.

If a new stage is enacted, then a report must be filed based on estimations locally. 

Those estimates can vary widely depending on the expertise and the equipment to the operators and so forth. Also ground water is sometimes difficult to measure so it is not an exact science in some cases,” said Andrea Morrow, a TCEQ spokesperson.

According to the data right now, other cities in Texoma like Wichita Falls and Iowa Park are considered to have more than 180 days of water supply.

Seymour's data shows they only have 90 days.

Again the TCEQ says the estimates are not absolute.

The TCEQ says the information is mostly used for them to prioritize what water systems are in the most critical need of help.

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