Teen Sentenced in Fatal Stabbing

    In just a few short moments on June 24, 2011, two lives were changed forever.
    Wichita Falls police arrested 16-year-old Steven Clay Jackson in connection to the stabbing of  15-year-old Jason Alex Wheat Canava.
     Four days later, Canava died from his injuries.
    Jackson pleaded guilty to delinquent conduct for the fatal stabbing and received his sentence Thursday: 20 years in a juvenile facility.
    Thomas Allensworth, Jackson's attorney, says. "My client, of course, regrets what he did. He understands the severity of what he did, which is why he entered his plea as he did."
    Jason Wheat, Canava's dad, says, "We thank him for stepping up and taking the guilty charge, and not having to go through a trial. I think it's better for him in the long run, too, because he could get a shorter sentence and possibly move on with his life and have a second chance."
    Wheat says he knows his son wasn't completely innocent in the situation.
    "I think his competitiveness caused him to get in a couple scuffles, but if he knew what he was getting into, he would have definitely taken a different route that night."
    "This is a tragedy for all sides.  I will say that the victim impact statement is perhaps the most poetic one I've heard," Allensworth says.
    "We all make mistakes," Wheat says.  "His was very serious and it affected me deeply, but he's a kid.  We all make mistakes, and we have to overcome the obstacles God puts in front of us.  I feel like deep down inside, if he could do it over, it would be different."
    Jackson will serve his first couple years in a juvenile facility.
    It's up to the judge to decide what happens after that.
    If Jackson does get transferred to an adult facility, it would then be up to the board of pardons and paroles to decide how much of that sentence he will ultimately serve.

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