Teen Who Died in Kell West Accident Gives Life to Others

A young man who died a week ago in a four vehicle car crash on the Kell West Freeway chose to give life to others after he passed.

Seventeen-year-old Shon Blair loved to live life to it's fullest, all the way to the end.

Shon was one of two teens who died in a four car crash on Kell West just one week ago.

Shon's father Bobby said, "I knew it was horrible whatever it was and we got up there and they took us into this room and I knew then, that he was gone, I knew he was.

But, a decision Shon made prior to the accident ensures a lasting and proud legacy.

Soon Shon's photo will appear here among dozens of others, who have saved lives by becoming organ donors.

They call them heroes for life.

Sally Hastings with Southwest Transplant Alliance explained, "A lot of it was just him. That is the way his mind set worked, just helping people and that is the way he always was." She continued, "I have seen families on their darkest day be able to think of others, and give them a miracle when they don't get theirs."

According to Southwest Transplant Alliance, 18 people die each day before they get the organs they need to survive. But because of Shon, six lives were saved.

"To know that a part of my son are in 6 other people, and helped them to live is just amazing. And he is my hero, my complete hero, And I love him so much and I am going to miss him," Shon's father said.

If you want to register to be an organ donor: http://donatelife.net/register-now/

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