Teens From All Over Texoma Participate in 'Ball 4 Lakarl'

- Teens from all over Texoma came together at a special basketball tournament today to honor 18-year old LaKarl Williams who died in a recent car accident on Kell West freeway. 

It was just a few weeks ago that Williams and four other Wichita Falls teens were involved in a car accident on kell west freeway and were ejected from their vehicle.

Just a few days later LaKarl passed away.

Dozens Wichita Falls teens came together to host a basketball tournament in LaKarl's honor today.

They spent weeks planning, selling tickets and recruiting teams from all over the Texoma area to play in the 3 on 3 'Ball 4 LaKarl' tournament.

All of the proceeds from the ticket sales went to Lakarl's family.

Family members say they are touched how the community has come together to honor Lakarl's memory and celebrate his life.

"He just had a passion for the game, so we just thought about it like hey let's ball for lakarl," Rider graduate Geoffrey Gerrard says.

Family members say they are shocked by all of the support of the community.

"It makes me feel real wonderful. It makes me feel like the community around here, no matter what anybody thinks about Wichita Falls, this is a very very very good community," LaKarl's dad, Keith Stevenson, says. 

It's a community that wants to give back to someone who left a mark on their lives.

"Everybody liked LaKarl. He was nice to everybody. He played basketball with everybody, that's what he loved to do," LaKarl's cousin, Torrance Cooper, says.  

And that's what these teams from Holliday, Seymour, Iowa Park and many towns throughout Texoma are doing, playing a game for a friend who touch the lives of everyone who crossed his path.

"We're doing everything for him. It's a big loss for us and everybody else and he was just a good person, kind, happy make you laugh. All of that. And he just loved to play basketball," Terraz Cooper, LaKarl's cousin says. 

Saturday's event brought them together to honor the life of LaKarl, playing a game that he loved, while they continue to pray for the other teens involved in the accident.

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