Ten Days of Prayer for Vernon Parents

- After spending more than a week at Cook Children's Medical Center, a Vernon toddler is now at home after ingesting a laundry detergent pod.

It was just a few weeks ago that Chris and Heidi Slaydon were enjoying a normal afternoon at home, when their 18-month-year-old Blaze swallowed a laundry pod.

Now the Slaydons have a warning for parents as little Blaze continues his recovery.

"Nerve wrecking would be an understatement," Chris says.

The couple says in a matter of minutes, their lives were changed.

"She was washing flushing his mouth with soap, he looked alright at that time, he was just kind of coughing, just like hey you got some soap in your mouth," Chris says. 

The Slaydons soon found out it wasn't just soap, but little blaze had swallowed a laundry detergent pod, which caused serious chemical burns to his stomach.

"These things by there nature, by their marketing and stuff they're small, some of them look like candy, some of them looking like teething rings, they're soft to the touch, but they're designed to break real quickly in water, so as soon as you puncture it it squirts and it dissolves really quick," Chris says. 

Blaze was rushed to Willbarger Hospital in Vernon, where they soon found out the hospital didn't have a ventilation tube small enough for the toddler.

He was then rushed to ICU at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, where the family spent ten days hoping and praying that little Blaze would be alright.

But they soon ran into another problem. After being pumped with medicine for nearly two weeks, Blaze's tiny body started going through withdrawals, and they were forced to re-induce the 18-month-year-old with medicine for a few days.

Now happy and healthy back in Vernon, the Slaydons say they are forever grateful to the constant support they've received from the community.

"To see the out pour of support that we've had from people, I mean when we were in the hospital, I had people who I hadn't spoken too in 15-20 years in high school, that live down the road from Cook's Hospital that were like you can have my house," Chris says. 

Chris also said he's been contacted on social media by parents all over the country who have been through the same nightmare.

However, he says he does not put any blame on the company who makes these detergent pods but he stresses the importance of triple checking and child proofing your house.

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