Texas "Bathroom Bill" Going to the Full Senate for a Vote

The Texas senate is set to vote on the proposed "Bathroom Bill' which would require people to use facilities associated with their birth sex.

The state committee agreed to move Senate Bill 6 to the floor for a full vote. The bill is expected to pass in the senate and go to the Texas house.

According to a poll conducted last month by the Texas politics project and the Texas Tribune, 76% of republican voters believe a transgender person should use the bathroom associated with their biological sex.

"I am proud to author this state law, to make it illegal for a man to enter a public woman's bathroom, restroom, locker room or shower to protect our privacy and our safety. We debate this bill not to start a controversy, but to give guidance. These are barriers most people expect for showers, dressing rooms, locker rooms and restrooms used by our boys and girls in school. This incredible shift is largely ignored by the media, this policy shift," State Sen. Lois Kolkhurst, (R) Texas.

LGBT rights advocates and democratic lawmakers tore into the bill before it was even written, calling it unnecessary legislation that will lead to discrimination against transgender people.

Numerous business groups in Texas have also blasted the bill, saying it will negatively affect business in the state, and hurt the state's reputation.

A group of nearly 70 businesses, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon, opposed the legislation in a letter to Governor Greg Abbott. If passed, the bill will go into effect September 1st.


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