Texas Public Schools to Replace TAKS with STAAR

The new test standardized test is called STAAR and STAAR will start replacing the TAKS test later this month.

This booklet contains information on a new standardized test students in the Texas public school system will soon start taking.

"The new name of the test is called STAAR, which is the State of Texas ASsessment of Academic Readiness," says WFISD Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas.

According to Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas, not all students will take STAAR.

"Our current 10th and 11th graders are still under the old system. 11:47:59:02 Their graduation plans and their diploma requirements necessitate the continuation of the TAKS test. So, the TAKS test is still being administered to 10 and 11th graders," says Dr. Kazanas.

Dr. Kazanas says STAAR will be more rigorous than the TAKS test... containing more test questions at most grade levels.

And while TAKS tests content students learned over multiple years, STAAR will test material they study that year.

"We are assessing the children at each course... at the end of each course that they take and accumulatively, those scores per End of Course exam that they take are added up and they have to have an overall average at the end... in order to receive their high school diploma from the State of Texas," explains Dr. Kazanas.

On March 22nd and 29th, Wichita Falls I.S.D. will host two meetings about the new standardized test.

Both meetings will start at 6 p.m., in the Barwise Junior High auditorium on Kemp Boulevard.

School officials have geared the meetings for parents of 6th through 9th graders so they can get more information on STAAR and learn what it means for their children.

STAAR testing will begin for Wichita Falls 4th through 9th graders the last week of March.

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