Texas Ranch Roundup 2017

WICHITA FALLS, TX - For 37 years, the Texas Ranch Roundup has roped people into Wichita Falls from all over to watch ranches compete for bragging rights. 
And not just anyone can announce the roundup events. It takes a duo that knows a thing or two about cowboy culture.
"We see the pros ride every week," said Charlie Throckmorton. "You come here and you see the ranch cowboys. It's a different twist and I think it's very refreshing for us."
For announcers like Charlie Throckmorton and James Horcastias being a part of the Texas Ranch Roundup is something special and different than an average rodeo. 
They believe they compliment each other's styles after working together for four years. 
"He's younger than I am. He's faster than I am. We kind of blend. We kind of gel," Throckmorton said. 
"We work well together because we both come from a ranching background, a western lifestyle," Horcastias said. "Rodeo competitor background. It's something we love. This is the top ten ranches in Texas. Why wouldn't you want to be  a part of it."
Horcastias and Throckmorton both competed in rodeos before beginning their careers as announcers.
"I did not have the athletic prowless to beat anybody. I had the determination but I didn't have the skill. But I know how to do it. And I've been there, done that and so, then you kind of analyze everything. And I could tell them how to do it," Throckmorton said.  
"One night when I was clowning the rodeo, the announcer didn't show up. The contractor knew me and was like, 'Well it looks like you've got the gift of gab. Get up there and do it.' And after that it's been a done deal since 2000," Horcastias said. 
And while their job takes them all over the country, Horcastias said the roundup really shows the life of a true cowboy that's passed down from generation to generation.
"This is when everybody in the crowd gets to see what they do for a living every single day, to before sun up to after sun down. This is their job," Horcastias said.
Ranchers don't always know what they will be doing day to day.. due to the nature of their work.
Horcastias and Throckmorton said it's always hard to predict how the events will turn out.
"Always expect the unexpected because it will happen. But we roll through it," Throckmorton said. 

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